If you were part of our community back in 2016 you might remember the first installment of our FERAL rock challenge. We wrote a riddle, hid a rock somewhere in Colorado and challenged our community to find it. It took a little while, but a local sleuth solved the riddle and got a big FERAL gift card and some very serious problem solving bragging rights.

We’re at it again.

This time we have hidden a rock in the Berkeley neighborhood (home of our Denver shop). The game is simple. If you find and return the Feral rock on Wednesday, March 11th you get a $100 Feral gift card. But here’s the kicker… every day that the rock is not found, the value of the gift card goes up $5. Every. Single. Day. We will inspect the rock weekly, and if it has been removed the value will be frozen until it is returned to the shop.

The first clue is posted in our Denver shop right now.

Additional details:

  • There is no need to trespass on private property to find the rock. So don’t do that. Ever.
  • Finding the rock does not require damaging, defacing, or digging. So don’t do that either.
  • Geographic constraints are 38th St., Sheridan Blvd., I-70, and Federal.


Happy hunting!