Patagonia is a brand known for its high-quality outdoor clothing and gear that’s built to last. But buying new Patagonia items can often come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, there’s a thriving market for second-hand Patagonia gear, where you can find sustainable and affordable options. Here we’ll introduce you to five fantastic places to buy second-hand Patagonia gear in Denver, Colorado, so you can enjoy the great outdoors without breaking the bank.

Patagonia Worn Wear

Sure, it’s probably obvious. 

If you want to shop for second-hand Patagonia gear at the source, look no further than Patagonia’s very own Worn Wear program. Patagonia Worn Wear is an extension of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. They buy back and repair used Patagonia items, ensuring they find new life rather than ending up in landfills. You can shop for a wide range of pre-loved Patagonia apparel and gear online or visit one of their physical stores. With the Worn Wear program, you’re not just getting fantastic outdoor gear; you’re also supporting a company that’s dedicated to reducing its environmental impact.

FERAL Denver

FERAL is an outdoor gear shop located in NW Denver, that specializes in used outdoor gear and clothing. We always have a fantastic selection of second-hand Patagonia items for outdoor enthusiasts looking for affordable, gently used gear. From fleece jackets to backpacks and everything in between, FERAL offers the biggest selection of used outdoor apparel and equipment for both men and women in Denver.

    Sports Plus Denver

    Sports Plus in the Wash Park area, is a good spot for outdoor enthusiasts looking for second-hand Patagonia gear. They have a wide selection of gently used outdoor apparel, including Patagonia jackets, pants, and even accessories like hats and gloves. With their knowledgeable staff and ever-changing inventory, Sports Plus in Denver is a must-visit destination for bargain hunters and eco-conscious shoppers.

      Loop Shop
      Loop Littleton

      Located in Littleton, Colorado, LOOP is another excellent option for those in the Denver area seeking second-hand Patagonia gear. Even though they’re a little more fashion-forward, they often have a selection of second hand Patagonia clothing at budget-friendly prices. Whether you’re in need of a warm winter coat or a lightweight hiking shirt, LOOP has you covered.

      Second Wind Sports
      Second Wind Sports

      Second Wind Sports is new to the scene, but this franchises newest locations offers a good selection of consignment outdoor goods that almost always includes a strong showing of Patagonia.  This sporting goods store offers a diverse selection of outdoor gear, including a generous collection of Patagonia items. From warm winter layers to lightweight summer gear, you’ll find options for all seasons and activities. Shopping at Second Wind Sports in Denver means you can enjoy the outdoors sustainably without breaking the bank.

      Shopping for second-hand Patagonia gear not only helps you save money but also contributes to a more sustainable approach to outdoor fashion. The five stores mentioned in this blog post offer fantastic selections of second-hand Patagonia gear in Denver, Colorado, ensuring you can enjoy high-quality outdoor apparel and equipment without compromising on your budget or the environment. So, gear up responsibly and hit the great outdoors with confidence, knowing you’re making eco-friendly choices while staying comfortable and stylish.