The Feral Rock Riddle

IMG_0014****Update**** The Feral rock has been found and retrieved today, on May 2nd by Kevin Butler. Stay tuned for the next riddle…

The Feral rock riddle is here. Solve it, find the rock, win big.

If you return the Feral rock on April 9th, you get a $200 Feral gift card. But here’s the kicker… every day that the rock is not found, the value of the gift card goes up $5. Every. Single. Day. We will inspect the rock weekly, and if it has been found the value will be frozen until it is returned to the shop. The rules of participation are simple and can be found here.

Additional details:

  • The rock will always be hidden within 20 feet of a trail OR notable landmark. There will be no need for serious orienteering skills.
  • We will work hard to prevent sabotage, as only one person knows the actual location of the rock. However, keep in mind that the natural landscape has no concern for the accuracy of our riddle. The natural environment is ever-changing, and in the event that an act of nature changes the location of the rock, we’ll adjust. We will take steps to prevent this where possible.


Happy Hunting!