Why “Feral”, and why not “Shop that Sells Outdoor Things and Stuff”?

Humble-Beginnings-Photo-2Posted March 25th, 2016

The number one question that we get in the shop is Why “Feral”? What does that represent?

As it turns out, that’s also my favorite question, because it gives me an opportunity to tell our story. Let me explain.

I’ve always been a connector, someone that wants to bring people to wild spaces. I care deeply about pushing people out of their comfort zone (sorry friends!). In the year 2016 you usually have to manufacture adventure in your life. We are no longer sauntering out of a cave every morning surrounded by predators that see us as a savory meal. In most cases, we are seeking out the predators, and consider it a novelty when we are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse. The world has become our zoo rather than our playground.

I relish the truly uncomfortable moments that can be found in the wilderness. Whether it be a storm slowly moving in, the movement of an animal in your peripheral vision that might be a bear (but is always a squirrel), or the slow realization that you are slightly lost… these moments awaken a vitality that is missing in the day-to-day. It is in these moments that we grow, and I’m passionate about seeking out these opportunities. That is what drew me to Colorado, and what draws me to the mountains every day.

I left a corporate (and comfortable) environment to chase my passion of connecting people with the wild essence that we left behind hundreds of years ago. We no longer fear bears and lions. Instead we wake up every morning worried about bills that are due, traffic that is snarling, and our barista’s ability to nail the ratio of coffee to cream in our morning cup of joe.

This is not life. We are not the things that we accumulate, nor are we meant to be consumers. In the wise words of Tyler Durden, “You’re not your f#cking khakis.” We were meant to be more than that. We are intrepid. We are animals. We were meant to explore, be chased, and sometimes be caught. That is adventure.

image (1)This is what “Feral” represents. I want to connect people with what they’re meant to experience, even if it’s only on the weekends or for a fleeting annual trip. I want to inspire people to escape from their carefully curated state of domestication from time to time. An occasional taste of wild is sufficient, just so you know that it is there, and how it can change you.

We don’t just want to be a great Denver outdoor gear shop, we want to build a community and be a source of inspiration for that community. We want to talk about the adventure you’ve always dreamed of, and help you find the path to making it a reality.

We are not corporate. Our mission statement is simple and authentic: “Create adventure.” We’ve built a team of explorers that want to share their story and celebrate yours. Come say hello, and let’s create some adventure together.


Jimmy Funkhouser is the founder and owner of Feral Mountain Co. He lives in Denver, CO with his magnanimous pup Sophie. He can usually be found exploring the hinterland of Colorado, or having a brew at one of his favorite neighborhood watering holes.