The Feral Rock has been Found!


Posted May 2nd, 2016

The Feral rock has been found! Not familiar with the Feral rock? Here is the background link. An intrepid soul has solved the mystery, and will soon collect his prize.


Here is the solution to the riddle, and the wonderful story behind it.


According to legend, former Silver Plume resident Clifford Griffin came from the east coast, where he was raised. Griffin became engaged in New York, but his fiance died mysteriously the night before their wedding. Her death was attributed “natural causes”, and to escape the painful memories of his wife’s passing, he moved to Colorado with his brother. The brother eventually became the owner of the 7:30 Mine (so named because their day shift started a generous hour later than the other mines, who started at 6:30 AM), and asked Clifford to manage the business for him.


Mr. Griffin was much loved by his miners for his kindness. Every Christmas he bought all his miners a goose for their families, and every Fourth of July, he paid off every bar between Silver Plume and current-day Bakerville, so his miners could enjoy their holiday without spending their family’s money. Not only did he take care of his miners, every evening he provided him with entertainment as well. Since he could not bear the daily sight of his men with their wives and families after his tragedy, he spent a great deal of time near the entrance to the 7:30, which sits about 1,500 feet (460 m) above the town of Silver Plume.


Every evening he would sit near the edge of a nearby cliff and play his violin. Due to the incredible acoustics of the valley, the entire town could step outside and listen to his concerts. Apparently, one evening, after a particularly beautiful recital, the residents heard a gunshot. Assuming the worst, the miners of the 7:30 raced up the trail to the entrance, and there they found Clifford Griffin, shot through the heart, in a grave he’d dug himself.


The residents of Silver Plume were asked to leave him where he lay, because that’s where he’d experienced the most happiness since his wife died. Not only did they follow his request, the town erected a 10-foot-tall Gunnison Granite monument in his honor, directly on top of his gravesite. The monument can still be seen today, on the cliffs directly in front of the 7:30 Mine.


While Silver Plume, CO remains a fairly quiet town, it is often told that when the wind is blowing just right on a cool moonlit evening, you can still occasionally hear the faint whisper of Clifford Griffin’s violin filling the valley with a soothing and somber tune.


The feralrockfoundfirst part of the riddle, “It’s awfully late to start your shift” was a reference to the 7:30 trail, so named because the mine started their shift an hour later than most other mines. The second part of the riddle, “you’ll find your prize near a cliff”, was a reference to the location where Clifford Griffin has been laid to rest, near the Griffin Memorial. The rock was safely tucked in a small space under the memorial, waiting to be found by the first person to solve the riddle.


Congratulations Kevin and group for finding the Feral rock! Didn’t find the rock this time? Don’t worry, the next riddle is coming soon. Stay tuned…