Rental FAQs

Have questions? See below. Or, feel free to give us a call anytime at our Denver shop.

Where is FERAL located?

We are in Northwest Denver, at 3936 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212. We are conveniently located between the city and the mountains, and are the perfect pick up and drop off location for your rental needs. If you have a free hour, we recommend planning to eat while you’re in the neighborhood. We are near some of Denver’s best restaurants. Note: We are currently only able to offer rental pick up and drop off at our Denver location.

How do I make a reservation?

We always recommend booking online if possible. This ensures availability, and locks in your gear before someone else rents it. If that’s not possible, we can take reservations over the phone at (303)903-8584, or in-store. Whatever is most convenient for you.

The dates appear to be unavailable for the item I need. What does this mean?

This likely means that the item you need is sold out for those dates. Feel free to give us a call at (303)903-8584 to double check.

Do you offer shipping?

Currently we do not offer shipping on rental gear. All reservations must be picked up and dropped off at our Denver location.

If I’m picking up in-store, what dates should I book the rental for?

The first date of booking is the date that you plan to pick up the item, and the last date of the rental is the date that you plan to return it.

Do I need to bring my gear back clean?

Yes. We do expect gear to be returned clean and dry. Wet gear means mildew which often means that gear must be damaged out. That can result in the replacement cost being charged to you.

Please make sure you shake the dirt out of your tent and other gear. It’s important to know that we will charge a cleaning fee if your gear comes back unnecessarily unkempt. 

More than anything, our goal is to make sure everything goes out to you 100% clean and fresh. The condition that you return the gear in helps us achieve that goal for the next customer.

What if the item is damaged during my rental?

You will be charged for the repair or replacement costs associated with any damage that happens during your trip. With that said, we understand normal wear and tear on rental items. Just treat the gear like you own it and there shouldn’t be any problem.

What is FERAL's cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made at least two days prior to the date of your rental pick up and must be made over the phone by calling (303)903-8584. We cannot accept cancellation requests via email or any other method. Cancellations cannot be made the day before or the day of your scheduled pick up.

What if I’m going to be late returning the gear?

Call us at (303)903-8584 if possible to alert us of the issue. Remember, if your items are late that might mean that the next person is not getting their gear. That’s very bad. We have extremely convenient drop off hours, so please make sure that you plan to get things back on time. When booking, if you have any concern that you might not get your items back on time it’s a good idea to book your items for an extra day at that time to avoid late fees. Bookings cannot be extended once they’ve been picked up.

Late Fees: In the event that your items are not returned by close of business on the final day of your rental period, your original booking is closed and a new new rental booking is started for the new period that you have failed to return the items at the same pricing terms as your original booking. This fee will be charged on top of your original rental booking fee.

Put simply, if you had a 3 night rental at a rate of $20 the first night, and $5 each additional night, and did not return your items until the fifth day your fees would be outlined as below:

Night 1: $20

Night 2: $5

Night 3: $5

Night 4: (First day late, start new booking) $20

Night 5: (Second day late) $5