Our Meeting Space

The front door at FERAL Denver says “You don’t have to be a customer to make yourself right at home. Welcome to FERAL.” Our neighborhood built this shop. As such, whether you shop here or not, our door is open. Our space is your space, including our beautiful 950 SF mezzanine. It’s free to use. Book an open time spot below for your meeting, birthday, or internal presentation in Denver.

 Note: Due to Covid-19, our meeting space will be closed until further notice. We are not taking any reservations at this time.

Who Can Use the Space?

Just about anyone! Community members, organizations, non-profits, businesses (for internal purposes only). Hosts cannot charge for attendance. The space is given for free, we expect events to be free. **Space cannot be used for selling purposes, political purposes, or for businesses to make external presentions of any kind. We reserve the right to refuse ANY organization or individual from booking the space for any reason that we determine to be appropriate. 

Welcome to FERAL Denver
FERAL Denver Campfire
FERAL Denver Mezzanine
Free Meeting Space in Denver

How It Works


Review the nitty-gritty at the bottom of the page. Everyone has some rules. Ours are pretty easy. 


Find an open slot and reserve your time on the booking calendar below.  The mezzanine is available during shop hours, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Availability is first come, first served. Once booking is complete you will receive a confirmation email.


Arrive at FERAL at your scheduled time. Our mezzanine is 100% self service. You are responsible to set up as needed. Include set up time within your booking (i.e you intend to start your meeting at 3:00 pm but anticipate 30 minutes of set up; schedule your booking starting at 2:30 pm).


Vacate the space on time & leave no trace. Again, the space is 100% self-service. We are a trash-free facility, so any trash that you produce will need to be taken with you. You are also responsible for tear down and clean up as needed. Include tear down time within your booking. Ensure the space is ready for the next group.

The Booking Calendar

The Nitty Gritty

Leave No Trace

Our event space is 100% self service. There will not be someone on-site to assist you. You set up as needed and tear down when finished. Leave no trace. Return everything back to how you found it. Failure to do so will result in you being blocked from using the space in the future. Easy peasy. 

  • Plan ahead & prepare. Include time within booking for set up and tear down.
  • Minimize impact. Make sure the mezzanine is left in proper order.  All chairs and tables are to be placed back in their original position. Projector and screen to be stored back in tubs. Kitchenette equipment to be washed and put away.
  • Take your waste with you. We are a 100% trash free facility.
  • Tread lightly. Please report any damage immediately.
  • Be considerate of other visitors. Arrive and vacate on time.
  • Respect wildlife. We are a pup friendly establishment. Please clean up after them and keep them under control. 
  • Leave what you find. (5) 2’ x 6’ tables & (10) conference chairs are available. Should a different arrangement be needed, set up and tear down is the user’s responsibility. 


Equipment available for use includes:

  • (5) 2’ x6’ tables, (8) conference chairs, (45) folding chairs, (1) projection screen, (1) projector*, use of small kitchenette including fridge, microwave, utensils, mugs, and (2) restrooms. *Projector has HDMI inputs. Please bring the appropriate cord for your laptop.
  • Wireless internet.

Other Details

A couple other important details:

  • Please Note: the mezzanine is not ADA accessible.
  • Businesses may use the space for internal purposes only.
  • The space is not a private room. It is open to the shop below. There will be ambient noise from our overhead music and from the people below. This space is not appropriate for confidential meetings. If you need quiet place to meet, this in not it.
  • Please help keep this a free resource. Show up when you book time. Don’t hog the calendar. Keep the space as you found it.
  • The use of this space is given by FERAL as a charitable contribution to the organizations that use it. As a private organization, we reserve the right to revoke or refuse that contribution for any reason we deem fit.

FERAL Denver

Located in the heart of Denver, FERAL is a locally-owned, independent outdoor gear shop. We offer new and used gear sales, gear rentals and repairs, and have a staff of outdoor junkies ready to help you plan a short hike or a big Colorado adventure!