There are obvious reasons that supporting your local business just makes sense. Your money stays in the neighborhood. Your local shop supports your micro-local economy. Corporate retailers are not going to show up to the local neighborhood meeting to talk about local issues. Also, It’s just more damn satisfying.

But let’s be honest, that’s not always enough. For many, there has to be a tangible reason that benefits you individually beyond just the greater good. That’s ok. At FERAL, we feel that we deliver on those needs as well. We’ve worked hard to build offerings that we feel are worth your consideration. While we can’t always beat our corporate competitors on every front, we feel like we’re always worth a look.

Here are the biggest reasons we feel you should consider FERAL the next time you’re about to drive downtown for adventure needs.

1. FERAL has the absolute best return policy in the industry.

It is quite literally impossible to beat our return policy. We offer a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on everything we sell. We’ve found that a lot people don’t know that. It’s a handshake to treat each other fairly, and we do exactly that. If something you buy at FERAL ever disappoints you, let’s work together for a solution.

2. We sell just about everything for the same price as REI. 

Didn’t know that did you? Most people assume that the corporate retailers have better prices. Not always the case. We always sell for the same regular price as the big guys. When they run a promotion, we’ll match it. If they do a temporary price drop, we’ll match it. NO exceptions. Price should never be a reason to shop at the big guy.

3. We have used gear in-store every day.

It happens every day. Somebody walks in looking for an item and finds it in the used gear section in almost new condition for half the price they expected to spend. And they didn’t have to stand in line at a garage sale to get the deal. Now that is a win!

4. Our rewards program is free and fair.

Our program will always be free, and offer a better return on your money spent. You earn points on sale items and used gear. You can earn as much as 20% back if you save your points, and you don’t have to wait until some arbitrarily-defined annual date to use your rewards.

5. Our rental program is light years ahead of the big guys.

We’re more affordable. We have better gear. You can book online in advance. No waiting in line hoping that we have what you need. Nobody offers an easier program for getting you on the trail cheaply and quickly.

There will always be some unique things that big corporations offer. That’s why they’re the big guy. But don’t sleep on all of the little shops that just might offer something a little different, or even better. We’re working hard to do just that, and we hope you’ll consider us for your adventure needs.

About the Author

Jimmy Funkhouser
Jimmy is the founder and owner of Feral Mountain Co. When he is not exploring the hinterland of Colorado he can usually be found at one of his favorite Berkeley neighborhood watering holes with Sophie the shopdog.

Follow Jimmy on Instagram at@theadventuresoffunk.