Preparing for your first thru hike can be daunting.

It takes months of planning, gear buying, and research to feel fully prepared to hit the trail. Whether you have a thru hike coming up, or just want to learn more about the ins and outs, our in house experts, Josiah and Jenna, are here to share their best tips. Topics that they will cover include packing, physical preparation, gear know how, and resupply strategies. They will also cover a bit on each of America’s thru hikes. 

Where: FERAL 3936 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80211

When: Thursday, June 27th at 6 PM


Favorite Outdoor Activities – Backpacking, Long Distance Hiking, Canyoneering, Trail Running, Snowshoeing, Cowboy Camping

Outdoor Expertise – 11 years of long distance hiking, canyoneering, mountain climbing and outdoor exploration

My Story – For me it all started on October 23, 2009 In Pennsylvania! After scrounging up some old gear from family and friends for what would be my first backpacking trip, I set out for 3 nights. The first morning I woke up in my trusty tent, sleeping bag drenched from the nights rain. By mid morning my backpack was falling apart as I skipped from rock to rock and by the afternoon my boots were disintegrating under my feet! Needless to say I needed better gear, but I was having the time of my life and it was clear i needed more adventure in my life!  After 2 years of weekend trip and gear research I decided to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail which would set off a 5 year adventure spree

In 2013 I set off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail which marked a lot of firsts for me. First time hiking in the heat of the desert, first alpine experiences and first time having to plan routes around fires and early season snow falls. After the PCT I know I needed to live closer to the mountains so I moved to Durango Colorado in search for more adventures! 2014 was full of exploring the San Juan Mountains, canyoneering in Utah’s canyon country and visiting National Parks and monuments throughout New Mexico! In early 2015 I decided it was time to move to the front range and work on my neglected career… this lasted exactly 4 months before I decided to drop everything again and thru-hike the Continental Divide Trail

Since moving back to the front range after the CDT I’ve continued to explore Colorado’s mountain ranges, 14ers and hot springs! I’ve also continued to expand my knowledge of the gear I use in the backcountry. Learning more about how its designed and built to better understand what makes great gear!


Favorite Outdoor Activities – Hiking, Backpacking, Running.

Outdoor Expertise – 6 years long-distance running, 4 years backpacking/hiking.

My Story – I realized my love for the outdoors when I realized my love for running. There’s something special about the mix of exercise induced endorphins and fresh air. I knew I needed more than the lakes and miles of trail around Minneapolis and decided to move to Denver. Shortly before moving I went on my first ever backpacking trip, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. I was spoiled by the strength and delicious cooking of the chaskis. It whetted my appetite for mountains and adventure, despite knowing that I would have to carry all my own things and cook my own food for all future adventures. 

After having heart complications and open heart surgery in 2017 I had to recover with a more sedentary lifestyle, a huge downer. However, I was able to celebrate my clean bill of health by quitting my desk job and taking the summer to backpack in beautiful places and thru-hike the 310-mile Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota. Now with my life-is-short attitude I try to do something active everyday and am preparing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and Colorado Trail in 2019. 

If I’m not outside I am probably channeling my inner dork by reading, baking, crocheting, or embroidery.