Time to get nerdy! For our June installment of the Outdoor Nerds Unite Speaker Series, we welcome Dr. James White from CU Boulder to discuss climate change, sustainability, and why you should care.

Where: FERAL 3936 Denver, CO 80211

When: Thursday, June 20th 7 PM

This series takes an academic look at adventure and environmental related themes. FERAL is bringing together thought leaders from a myriad of fields, and outdoor junkies for experimental conversations on varying topics. Each month we will bring in a different speaker to share their expertise with the outdoor community.

By the combination of sheer numbers and a rapidly growing appetite for resources, humans have now become the major agent of change on our planet. Managing our footprint is essential to ensuring a high standard of living for future generations. This talk will explore the basic physics and chemistry of climate change, facts that we cannot argue with, as well as issues that we can control and are worth arguing about. We will also explore those impacts that are certain to happen as well as those we may be able to mitigate.