An innovative shop needs innovative partners.

One of the recent trends in the outdoor industry is the proliferation and popularity of “cottage industry” brands, the small batch companies that are innovating in each outdoor category. They truly are the future of the industry and outdoor recreation. You probably know a few.

But one of the challenges these brands face is getting in front of customers. The big corporate retailers are rarely willing to take a chance on something unproven and unknown, and some of these brands have little interest in producing at the volume required to deliver goods to chain stores. As a result, customers are forced to rely on the internet presence of these brands without being able to touch and feel the actual gear.

We want to help solve that problem. With our move to 3936 Tennyson St, we are dedicating a space to highlight up and coming brands that our community wants to get their mitts on. And we’re not just talking about a fixture in a corner. We will have a dedicated Cottage Industry Lab that we will be offering to cottage industry brands as a space to feature their products. It will be a truly segregated space from the rest of our sales floor, and will be offered to these brands at not cost. Win for THEM, and a win for YOU.

We will rotate brands in, but you will (in some cases for the first time) be able to touch and feel some of the brands of the future. We’re a small batch company, and we want to support those companies that are fighting the same battles that we are. Beyond that, we want to provide a shopping experience that is truly unique. 

So tell us… what brands do you want to see?